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Drug Regulatory Services in Canada

Drug Regulatory Services in Canada

Pharmaceutical and Medical Regulatory Services in Canada

Since 1997, SPharm has provided Regulatory Services in Canada for pharmaceutical, biotechnological, natural health product and medical device companies from all over the world. Our team has over 60 years of combined experience in regulatory affairs and product development, it has contributed to obtaining numerous clinical trials and marketing authorizations for drugs, medical devices and other health products.

Our Track Record of Success


Over 1500 submissions in the past 10 years


Near 99% submission success rate


SPharm has delivered regulatory services to clients in 15 different countries

Drug Regulatory submissions and applications, including:

01.Clinical Trial Applications
02.New Drug Submissions

03.Investigational Testing Authorizations

04.Medical Device License Applications

Regulatory Life Cycle Management activities, including:

01.Supplemental New Drug Submissions

02.Notifiable Changes

03.Annual Drug Notifications

04.Yearly Biologic Product Reports

Additional regulatory services related to drugs, biologic, biotechnological, medical devices, vaccine, veterinary, natural health, generic and biosimilar products include:

  • Product Monographs, Investigator’s and Device Brochures writing
  • Provincial Submissions
  • Liaison with decision makers
  • Review of labelling and of marketing materials
  • Interface with PAAB
  • Regulatory training and staffing
  • Document translation and regulatory / scientific content validation
  • Special Access Programme (SAP) support

A Key Factor in Our Clients' Success

“SPharm truly are Canada’s Drug Regulatory Experts! An exceptional team, lean and efficient with 100% understanding of Health Canada. They are the perfect partner in their field, seamless, proactive, prompt! We’ve worked with them for over 20 years and when I meet with sponsors, I openly recommend SPharm for any regulatory needs in Canada.”
Julie Martin
CEO and Co-owner, Scimega
“The opportunity to work with Susanne and SPharm for over 20 years testifies to the quality of work and the relationship one experiences with the SPharm team. They became an extension of our own, our success enriching our relationship over the course of business in parallel with a great friendship.”
Jean De Serres, MD, M.Sc, MBA, I.As,
VP Scientific Affairs and Operations, Paladin Labs
“We have had the pleasure of working with SPharm since the inception of our company, and since then SPharm has consistently exceeded our expectations in terms of service, timeliness, and deliverables. They have been a key factor in the success of our pharmaceutical company.”
Robert Vinson, Ph.D.
Chief Innovation Officer, Searchlight Pharma Inc.

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