Covid-19, Coronavirus Clinical Trials Worldwide

With the pandemic of Covid-19 continuing across the globe, pharmaceutical companies, scientists, hospitals and health care organizations around the world continue to accelerate clinical research to find a treatment and possible vaccine.

The number of Covid-19, coronavirus clinical trials has been steadily growing since January 2020. As of March 31st, there are 287 active Clinical Trials around the world focused on Covid-19.

These Clinical Trials are being conducted across most regions of the world; Europe has 100 going on, Asia has 79 and North America has 56. Within each of these regions we can also find the number of Covid-19 Clinical Trials by Country.

We expect further growth over the next few months in the number of Clinical Trials for Covid-19 around the world. We will publish any updates as data of new Clinical Trials are made available.

We are actively consulting on how to successfully fast-track market access of health product developed for addressing the current pandemic. Communicate with us to see how we can help.


Download a Covid-19 Clinical Trial summary report

We have co-published a report on Covid-19 Clinical Trials with our friends at the Clinical Research Organization, McDougall Scientific. We have taken clinical trial data directly from provided by the National Institutes of Health and published a summary of the data in a  format that is hopefully useful to digest.

Some of the data provided includes:

  • # of Covid-19 Clinical Trials by Country
  • # of Covid-19 Clinical Trials by Sponsors/Collaborators
  • # of Covid-19 Clinical Trial by Drug Interventions
  • # of Covid-19 Clinical Trials that have been completed