June update: Worldwide Covid-19 Coronavirus Clinical Trials

We continue to provide updated reports on Clinical Trials focused on Covid-19. Our reports are co-published with our friends at the Clinical Research Organization, McDougall Scientific. We have taken clinical trial data directly from clinicaltrials.gov provided by the National Institutes of Health and published a summary of the data in a format that is hopefully useful to digest.

The number of Covid-19, coronavirus clinical trials has significantly grown since March. In April were about 1134 active Clinical Trials from around the world focused on Covid-19 and in May there were about 1703 trials from around the world, a 50% increase.

We will continue to publish Covid-19 Clinical Trial updates as data of new Trials are made available.


Download the Covid-19 Worldwide Clinical Trial report, updated as of June 1st.

Some of the data provided includes:

  • # of Covid-19 Clinical Trials by Country
  • # of Covid-19 Clinical Trials by Sponsors/Collaborators
  • # of Covid-19 Clinical Trial by Drug Interventions