More than a Consulting Firm


SPharm is a Canadian consulting firm specialized in health product (drug, medical devices) regulatory affairs, approval & development services.

Our team of experts assists pharmaceutical, biotechnology, natural health products and medical device companies from around the world throughout the various phases of their product development, regulatory approval and up to a successful and timely market access. For every mandate, we favor a strategic approach; we ensure to proceed in the best economic interest of our clients.

The SPharm Advantage

Success Rate

of submissions close to 100%

Experience Matters

Over 20 years leading in Canadian regulatory affairs

Unmatched Expertise

of Canadian Health regulations and guidance

Efficient project management

that respects established timelines

High Client Satisfaction

resulting in long term business relationships

Creative & Solution Oriented

Our thinking focuses on generating results

Strategic relationships

with Health Authorities at all levels

Appeals Process

Experience with successful appeal procedures

Challenging Guidelines

Experience with submissions challenging the regulatory guidelines

Areas of Expertise:

Our expertise covers various therapeutic areas such as plasma component deficiencies, cardiology, neurology, oncology, endocrinology, metabolism, rheumatology, microbiology, orthopedic surgery, dentistry, gastroenterology, etc.

  • Pharmaceutical, biological and biotechnological products
  • Prescription and over-the-counter products
  • Orphan Drugs
  • Medical devices
  • Natural health products
  • Generic products
  • Veterinary products
  • Food and food ingredients
  • Cosmetics

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Team & History

Experience Matters

Over 20 years leading in regulatory affairs

High level of client satisfaction

resulting in long term business relationships

Creative & Solution Oriented

Our thinking focuses on generating results


In 2000, Susanne Picard created SPharm Inc. Prior to becoming a consultant in pharmaceutical / medical regulatory affairs in 1997, Susanne held key regulatory and management positions in two multinational pharmaceutical companies and in a contract research organization. Susanne was also a pharmacist with a Master’s degree in hospital pharmacy.

Susanne, now having over 30 years of experience in regulatory affairs, is supported by a team of regulatory specialists and has an envious record of successful regulatory filings. The entire SPharm team provides their extensive experience in all key regulatory product areas and in various therapeutic fields to the benefit of their clients.


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